Saturday, September 22, 2007

Autumn Moon Festival

I did several posts tonight, so scroll down for more pictures. This coming week is the Chinese holiday "Autumn Moon Festival". So, we got together with several other local families from our Shelby FCC group to celebrate. We went to eat Chinese food and then headed to the park. We walked around the park with lanterns. Okay, we (adults) walked around the park. The children RAN around the park with their lanterns. They had a blast! They glanced at the moon briefly as they ran, and then we all enjoyed moon pies. They enjoyed being able to play on the playground in the dark as well. We had a fun time and can't wait to get together again.


Sweet Friends Ana Claire and Hannah

Look at Hannah Grace go on those monkey bars!

Look! Hannah can do the wobbly playground things in the dark!

Hannah Grace enjoying her moon pie

Sweet Friends! Hannah Grace, Ana Claire, LeAnna, and Hannah

(now, if you can put all 4 of those girls in the same place and manage to call them all by their correct name 100% of the time without getting tongue-tied, you win!)

Grandma and Granpa's House

We went last weekend to visit my parents. On Saturday, we went to an amusement park near their house. Here's some pictures of Hannah enjoying the visit.

Driving the boat

Hannah and Granpa on one of those spinny things that make you dizzy! (she loved it!)

Hannah and "pa-pa" (my grandfather)

Gymnastics Fun!

Hannah has really been enjoying gymnastics. It ook the camera the other week and got a few pictures of her. Her favorite event (that I don't have a picture for) is the trampoline. :-)

This is Hannah's cute gymnastics shirt that Lisa (Young, Party of Five) made for her. Isn't it precious?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah - part 2

Hannah's birthday party was lots of fun. Enjoy the pictures of the princesses!

Princesses Elizabeth and Hannah

Hopscotch (yes, you may notice that Hannah and another little girl, her friend Morgan, had different dresses on in different pictures. I think Hannah used 4 different princess dresses during the 2 hour party!)

Making their princess crowns

Princess Ana Claire ...and for my blogging buddies who think you are having deja vu...yes, some of these pictures are the same as the ones on the Young, Party of Five blog (Lisa's). My very nice friend Lisa (Ana Claire's mommy) was my photographer for the these are the pics she took! Thanks Lisa!

Princess Hannah

All the beautiful princesses!

Every princess needs a castle. Hannah was all about blowing the candles out on her cake. She really didn't care that much about eating it...but I like eating it so we're a great team!! ha!

Swinging princesses

Bubble blowing princess