Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Recap

1. I found out Sadie can't see. Not really, but she did go to the opthalmologist where I found out she has a pretty significant astigmatism and needs glasses. It wasn't a huge suprise - I suspected vision problems which is why I took her in the first place. But seeing her actually undergo vision testing and hearing the results made everything click together and answered some questions. For one, I now understand why she always had such a hard time when we played "I spy" in the car - she can't see what we're pointing out. What I basically had explained to me was that she was very slightly near-sighted, but she had a moderate-severe astigmatism that cancelled that out and made things blurry up close and far away. But things farther away were affected more. Anyway, doesn't she look adorable in her glasses? She's taken very good care of them and is great about wearing them all day. But I'm not suprised - she's pretty easy going on things like that.

2.Sadie got a great report from her hand doctor in Atlanta. We don't go back to see him for a full year. We love the staff there and are so grateful for all they have done for Sadie.

3. Hannah started cheering with Upward. I thought this might be a "sure, try it this season" thing where she tried it, decided it wasn't "all that" and then moved on. Nope. She L.O.V.E.S. it!! She's pretty good too - definately has the "spirit". And leadership - I must say I've been impressed with how she's handled herself on game days.

4. Both girls started dance. Hannah is taking ballet and jazz and having a lot of fun with the jazz part. After a year off, I moved her from the dance studio she was previously at to one closer to our home. Her other studio was good and their director was very nice to us. But the move has been a very good experience. I like her teacher and how she handles class time for the kids. They're learning a lot, but it has a different feel to it - it's just a good match for Hannah's personality. I like that I don't drive as far. (I like that it's cheaper!). And Hannah likes the addition of jazz and she likes having friends from school in her class. This is Sadie's first year and she is taking a preschool ballet and tap class. All I can say about Sadie is that what she lacks in coordination, she makes up for in personality. She is having so much fun, although she is a little, um, "social". (yeah, she talks too much!!)

5. Hannah started brownies. She is "bridging up" from Daisies (the kindergarten-first grade part of Girl Scouts) and is excited about all the possibilities and events that encompasses. It's a pretty active troop and most of the girls in her troop go to school with her which Hannah is enjoying. I guess she's at an age now where her friendships are starting to become more important. It's fun to watch. Especially since her friends are some really sweet and fun girls.
If September was busy, October promises to be more so. But it's good. We are having fun, enjoying the fall weather (finally!), and enjoying one another.

Friday, September 03, 2010

August is Gone Already???

Wow! I just can't believe August is over. Fall is here. I'm so ready weather-wise for fall!! :-)

Sadie is happy to be back at "Ms. Sherry's house" for her last preschool year. She is learning so much and soaking up everything right now - it's neat to see her at this stage. That last year before kindergarten has always been one of my favorite ages of kids and it's fun to see Sadie at this stage. Very curious, very interested in everything, full of questions and full of life.

First Day of School: 2010

Hannah is in 2nd grade this year. She's loving her teacher, her class, and her friends. She's off to a great start. I'm finding that I am really enjoying her at this age right now. She's young enough that she likes to play and likes to cuddle and likes to do some "little kid" stuff still. Yet, she's also entering that world of "big kid" and she's become very independent. And she's fun to talk to and sometimes gets my jokes now!! ha ha!! Of course, she doesn't quite have the hang of telling her own yet - they still make no sense. :-)

Speaking of Hannah, she turned 7 years old earlier this week. Wow! She had a great birthday. Sunday night she had a party with her friends at the park. In the rain. And mud. It really was fun though and at least it wasn't so hot. Hannah rates it as her best birthday party so that means success. (And the fact that I think it was the cheapest and the easiest to plan is a bonus!) The girls mostly ran around jumping in water puddles and stepping in mud for most of the party. I organized one game, and they organized themselves into a couple others. They ate pizza. I let the girls decorate cupcakes and Hannah opened her presents. And that was pretty much it. Then, on her actual birthday, Hannah came downstairs wearing her dress with cupcakes smocked on it (she's had it since she was 4, I didn't know it would still fit - but it did) and a headband with birthday stars. She wanted to make sure everyone knew it was her birthday. :-) She had a great day at school and then we went out for dinner, her choice. We went to a local Chinese restaurant and then came home for Hannah to find her "big" present: a new bike. She had outgrown her old one and it was time.

The other big news for Sadie is that she got a new bed this month. She'd been sleeping in a toddler bed ever since she came home from China at 2.5 years old. She'll be 5 in October and well, she's kind of outgrown that bed. I've been planning to get her one at some point. Well, one day last week her babysitter told me she had seen one at the thrift store that looked like new. I went to look at it that afternoon, and sure enough..still had the directions in the drawers and everything. It was in great condition. And now, Sadie finally has her "big girl" bed. She has been SO excited about it!

To Come: September and fall craziness! Cheerleading (Hannah), Dance (both girls: Sadie's first time), and Brownies (Hannah). I love fall though. It's my favorite time of year. So bring it on!!