Monday, November 01, 2010

October Wrap-Up

Our first big event in October was Sadie's birthday. I can't believe my sweet little one is 5!! Wow!! She had a great birthday party at the park with her friends. It was a "baby doll" birthday party. Then on her actual birthday, she enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant. Fun times!!

Of course, my weekend with prison was a big October event..but I've already written about that (scroll to next post).

Hannah wrapped up her cheerleading season. Her coach was so sweet to let Sadie join in on the cheers for the last game. It's been fun and Hannah was so sad to see it end.

On Halloween, we had two separate events. First was "Children's Day" at our church where children dressed in costumes, sang, led worship, and had fun activities afterwards such as inflatables, hayride, etc. They'd been learning about "super heroes" and so dressed as such. Here's Sadie in her "super bunny!" costume and Hannah in her "Lady Truth" costume.

That night, we joined some friends in another neighborhood to trick or treat. Both girls decided to be the Easter bunny. :-) The girls had a blast and it was definately more fun going as a group. One of their friends' fathers had this cool contraption that he drove the kids around on which they thought was the best thing ever. We ended the evening with chili at a friends' house and went home and crashed. Definately one of our most fun halloween nights.