Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soccer Star!

Sadie is loving soccer this season. I mean, really LOVING it. It's been so fun to see. It's her 3rd year to play and it's the first year she has developed a bit of a competitive streak. It's also the first year she's really had the stamina to play hard. Some of that is simply that she's a little older. But I also really think some of it is the kidney medicine she's taking now. She has more energy in general. You know in Upward, they rotate the players in and out so everyone gets equal playing time..or as equal as they can make it. Last year, Sadie said she liked soccer. But in reality, she cheered every time it was her turn to sit OUT. ha ha! This year, she can't wait for her turn to go IN. And not only is she playing her assigned periods..she's subbing for the flower pickers, the tired kids who need a water break, the ones who need a potty break, and whoever else needs to come out of the game for whatever reason. And she runs the whole time and stays right with the ball. It's awesome to watch her having so much fun and being able to keep up!

So yeah, I hate that she has this kidney issue. But am thankful it was found and the medicine has been a blessing. In 3 months, I see a big difference in her energy level and her growth. (especially her feet!! She's outgrowing shoes left and right!). And that's exactly what her dr. told me I might see happen. ha ha! I just noticed that I typed she was outgrowing her shoes "left and right!". hee hee. of course she is! She wouldn't outgrow just left. or just right. Must be left and right! Perhaps I'm the only one amused by my comment..oh well!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hannah's Dance solo from Kids Artistic Review Feb. 2012. She placed 7th overall in the 8 and under division. Five weeks later she received a double platinum and was 1st overall in the 8 and under division with this same solo at the Alabama State Dance Championship! Congrats to my little State Champion!