Saturday, September 15, 2012

August in a nutshell: busy and fun

Well, I'm trying to catch up. :)  So, with lots of pictures and brief descriptions, August was busy.
We started with Hannah's 9th birthday party. Sweet friends, a rock star movie party (they made their own movie party), make-up, cupcakes, presents, fun!

A couple weeks later we went to Treetop Family Adventure for Hanna's cleft clinic's annual "Family Fun Day" Girls had a blast!

Then, the girls were both baptized at my church. So sweet and special to celebrate that moment with the people who have supported our family from the beginning.  Sadie also sang the chorus to "Oh no, you never let go" by herself afterwards with our music leader / guitar player accompanying her.  So very precious!

The girls have been sharing a room since Sadie came home from China over 4 years ago. This summer, they decided they wanted their own rooms. So, they divided up the things in the playroom and Sadie moved out. Hannah especially likes having more space to call her own.  Sadie has mixed feelings about it.  Mainly because she's now responsible for keeping her own room clean  instead of depending on Hannah. Sadie has many strengths, but organization and cleaning are not among them! They sleep in their own rooms on school nights, but most weekend and holiday evenings they end up together - giggling and being silly together.

First Day of School!  Hannah is in 4th grade and moved to the intermediate school this year. So far, she is really enjoying this year.  She has great teachers and good friends.

 And Sadie started 1st grade.  She is having a great year as well and also has a great teacher and good friends.