Saturday, August 16, 2014

Consequences, Consequences

The following is a copy of a document I got from a friend and am using with the girls. It's been used once so far but I love it! Right now my laundry is being done.  I love it because it puts the responsibility on how long consequences last right on the child.  And it gets my house cleaned in the process.  I also love it because I hand it to the child and walk away. No arguing and pleading. Brilliant!

You are Grounded!

You are grounded for: __________________________________

Grounding means:

·                    no doing special things with friends or at school (you may still go to dance, piano, church)

·                    No phone, nabi, ipod, or TV

·                    Other:_______________________________________

You must earn _____ points to get ungrounded. If you earn all the points in 1 day – you are only grounded for 1 day. If you take 2 weeks, you are grounded two weeks. It is up to you.  Write your initials by the things you do and turn this sheet into me when you are finished.

·        Write a nice letter to a family member or friend you haven’t seen lately. Or you may write it to Salman or Brittany. You must write neatly, use correct capitalization and punctuation, and at least 6 good sentences.- 50 points

·        Do 1 load of laundry (wash, dry, fold, and put into buckets and basket)- 100 points – you must do all 4 steps or you get 0 points.

·        Empty the dishwasher and put things away  - 20 points

·        Load dirty dishes into dishwasher (must rinse food off first and load neatly)- 20 points

·        Clear and wipe off kitchen table.- 10 points

·        Clear and wipe off kitchen countertops.- 10 points

·        Take out one bag of garbage/recycling and replace bag.- 20 points

·        Gather garbage from around the house and take out- 20 points

·        Straighten and wipe off bathroom sinks (both bathrooms)- 20 points

·        Clean toilets- 30 points per toilet

·        Clean, dust, and vacuum (including vacuuming around corners) living room.- 50 points

·        Sweep and mop kitchen floor.- 20 points

·        Clean mirrors in both bathrooms and hall- 20 points

·        Sweep/ Clean off the deck- 30 points

·        Clean out and vacuum the car-60 points