Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Family Forever Day Sadie!

(I originally wrote this post last Tues. but am just getting around to posting it)
So hard to believe it's been 1 year! This year has flown by so fast...I guess because it's had so much packed into it. Today we celebrated my sweet, but getting spunkier by the day (in a good way!) little one. As is tradition in our house, Sadie tried her "gotcha day" clothes on. They still fit! Actually, they're still too big - especially the outer layer. too funny. I got her exactly one year ago on May 5 and she had three layers of clothing on. She was so hot! Layers 1 and 2 were split pants..which completely amused both of my girls. Here's a pic of her in her 3rd layer:

She was so well-taken care of and loved by the staff at her orphanage. Even their choice of clothing for her represents that..it was clearly chosen with love and care and they wanted her to look special. For an orphanage that had almost nothing materially, I am convinced the staff loved and cared deeply for the children. I saw some of it when I visited. I have seen a lot of the fruits of their efforts in Sadie during this past year. She came pretty much with the idea that "everyone will love me" and of course, everyone did. She has so much confidence, and nothing slows her down. She has been to more doctor's appointments than I can keep up with and had two surgeries. And she still charms every medical professional she sees with her cooperation and personality. She now receives speech and her speech therapist described working with Sadie like "a breath of fresh air" because she's so cooperative and energetic and easy-going.

Hannah and Sadie are so different in so many ways, and yet they absolutely belong together. They sing together, play together, destroy my living room together, fuss and argue and whine some, and absolutely love each other more than words can express. Whenever I take Sadie on a "road trip" (dr. visit in Atlanta), she spends the whole drive saying over and over "go get Hannah, okay..don't forget, go get Hannah". They look out for each other in groups and I couldn't ask for a better matched set of sisters. Hannah drew an absolutely precious picture for Sadie today of her whole family (which includes many of our extended church family as well!) and gave it to Sadie as a present today before we headed off to celebrate with dinner at a chinese restaurant.

Sadie's courage and determination inspire me, her smiles and hugs melt my heart, and her silly antics make me laugh. She is a joy and a treasure and my heart is still blown away at all God has done to create our family over the past few years. completely, totally blown away.