Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today: My Little Girl!

Sure, of the two of them, this is actually my big girl. And in so many ways she *is* the big girl. She's full of hard questions and wants to figure everything out. She's in 3rd grade - which in elementary school is the beginning of "big kid"! I mean, she's writing in cursive, and "reading to learn" (instead of learning to read), and taking standardized tests, and learning multiplication facts. She's in the beginning of that "tween" stage. She tries so hard to look and act so grown up. Sometimes. But on a beautiful day like today, she runs outside with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. And she blows bubbles and catches them over and over. Just like she did when she "little". And she twirls around watching the wind blow the bubbles from her wand and giggles and grins with pure delight. And I watch her from the window for a few minutes struck by how she is very much my big girl. And, she is very much my little girl. I want to freeze stop and let her stay in this little / big moment. But since I can't, I do the next best thing. I grab the camera and go join her.