Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Fun, pt. 2

I can't believe summer is winding down. We still have a couple weeks -but they will be busy! But July has been I'm ready for busy now.

We've had time to play games and build with legos,

Create and launch rockets,

Help with chores (and that's Sadie who fell into the laundry basket trying to get the clothes out of the bottom), 

Play in the water, 

Create with clay and paint,

And play in the rain.

Hannah went to camp for a week and had a blast!

Sadie had a couple days of adjustment..asking every 20 minutes "What do you think Hannah's doing now?". But then she settled in and seemed to enjoy a little time of  choosing what she wanted to do.  She made a turtle out of a box,

Went on treasure hunts in the neighborhood (this rock is a treasure she said),

Got VERY comfortable controlling the remote,

 And had a sweet friend over to play.  We also took a trip with some friends to Splash adventure, but I didn't even bring my camera for that.

But, at the end of the week, we were both VERY ready to go get Hannah.  We got there early and Sadie hung out on the rock waiting.  We were so glad to have Hannah home.

The girls have also been helping cook this summer, especially Sadie. She LOVES to be in the kitchen helping.

And we've enjoyed all curling up on the couch to read in the afternoons.

Sadie and I took a trip to Atlanta and she got a new splint. She has gone through a growth spurt and had outgrown her other one even though we'd only had it 6 months. (They tend to last about a year..she will wear a splint on her hand that had all the surgeries until it stops growing. She only has to wear it at night, and usually that's what she does. But she's quite proud of this new one so has been putting it on randomly throughout the week.

 Hannah's back (which had trouble in June) seems back to normal.  After many appointments and testing and normal results on all, we figure it was just a muscle strain or something.  But she's back to doing everything as before and seems fine.  She and Sadie have both enjoyed their tumbling classes this summer. And they have spent many hours in my living room trying out new skills, including these handstands.

Hannah had a follow up with her oral surgeon to check on the bone graft he did two years ago. Everything looked great and she is officially discharged from him.  Now, we just work with orthodontics to get her remaining teeth in and her jaws lined up.  We're not sure what all that will entail yet. We're working with Children's Rehab Services because they will help cover the costs of her orthodontics due to her cleft. But first, we have to have a visit with their cleft team - and we have that scheduled in October. Hannah was disappointed not to get braces this summer, but CRS includes a process that we just have to go through first.  I just hope she's still excited about it when the time comes..hopefully late this fall.

So, fall is around the corner! Hannah has one more dr. visit next week with ENT.  Dance team starts back later this week.  Hannah has a birthday party coming up this weekend (we're celebrating early partly to save my sanity  by not having a birthday party in the first two weeks of school). We have a visit to Grandma's house planned, and I start team meetings for a Kairos weekend (prison ministry).  I have two weeks before I go back to work, and the girls have 3 weeks.  But for now, we are enjoying watching and cheering for the olympics!