Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Updated Pictures

Apparently, I could only fit 6 pictures in the previous posts - so here's the rest.


Hi. I just received updated photos today. A great family from California just recently returned home with their newly adopted son. He is from the same orphanage as Hannah. His mother, Jill, got to meet Hannah and take pictures!! She said Hannah was overwhelmed and not thrilled to meet them - a very normal, healthy reaction for a two year old. The pictures are all taken outside Hannah's Social Welfare Institute (the orphanage). The Chinese lady is probably a worker from the SWI. It's possible she's Hannah's foster mother, but not likely. The lady with the white coat that holds Hannah in some of the pictures is Jill. The little boy is her new son.
The outfit Hannah is wearing is the one I put in her care package. It seems to fit - no telling how many clothes are underneath though. Children in China are bundled up a lot if it's slightly cool.
So, that was a 2T sweatsuit I think! It might have been a 3T - I just can't remember. I think I'll plan to take mostly 3T clothes with me. Any of you experienced moms of toddlers want to offer size advice?? I don't have up-to-date height and weight.

So another thought - all her old pictures I have of her show her either holding food or someone offering food/drink. The video has her carrying around a bag of cookies/crackers. And, it seems that she was bribed with candy in these I detect a pattern? Although not a habit I want to continue by any means, it does give me a little clue into what might ease those first few traumatic moments. . .and it is traumatic for the children. I have been hoping, dreaming, planning, and praying for that first meeting for a long time. But, to her, her life is changing dramatically in an instant. Please be praying for her transition.

And keep praying for a speedy process. My "best prediction" is for me to receive a travel approval sometime in May and travel in June - but that's all it is: a prediction. In reality - I have no idea when it will be. But, I do know that God has been incredibly faithful and will continue to be. Your gifts, support, encouragement, and prayers are making a very real difference!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Log-in Date received!

Well, I received my LID (Log-in Date) today. My dossier was logged-in to the China Center for Adoption Affairs on March 3rd. That is the date the official count-down began. So, today I am on day 6. I look for a travel approval sometime between day 70 and day 90. Or, that's my best guess.