Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am one step closer in the process of my 2nd adoption. My homestudy has been approved by DHR and it is now at CIS (Citizenship and Immigration). YEAH!!! So, now I wait on them to send me a fingerprinting appointment and once I do that - I wait on approval. Lots of waiting...and waiting...which is not my favorite part of the process. Once again though, I am reminded that I am not in control. I am so grateful that God is! I am also grateful for the wonderful people in my life. Your love and support of me and Hannah has been and continues to be so special and important to me! And I'm grateful for the wonderful people at Lifeline as well. There's a bit of a risk in this adoption not only for me, but for them. They are putting in their time and effort for something that is not yet a "sure thing". I know not every agency would have been willing to work with me to start an adoption process at this point. And in more ways than I can name, they are doing whatever they can to make this happen. So, I guess for me, right along with the nervousness that comes with the waiting and unknowns, also comes the reminders of how much I have to be grateful for...

On a different note, our friends and neighbors Greg and Stephanie are in China adopting their daughter Hannah Grace. She is beautiful and it sounds like an amazing experience so far. If you want to check out their blog, it is at www.chinesetreasures.blogspot.com

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chuck E Cheese and Adoption Clinic

We went to a friend's birthday party on Monday and it was held at Chuck E. Cheese. This was Hannah's first visit to the place and she loved it! If you haven't seen the big mouse lately, well, he could be a bit scary. But, Hannah went up and hugged him. She enjoyed the toddler area a little while, and then ventured off into the "big kids area". By far her favorite part was getting to carry around her cup of "money" (tokens) "by myself!".

(Hannah and her friend Rhiley on one of the rides...notice the cup of tokens in her hand - she would not give them up for anything!!)

Today, we went to the International Adoption Clinic for our 6 month follow-up. (okay, we're a couple months behind...we've actually been home about 7.5 months - but anyway...)
It was a very good visit and everyone was very pleased with how Hannah is doing. I spent the most time with the developmental specialist discussing Hannah's development and speech. She was very happy with what Hannah can do and understand and was very reassuring on her speech issues. Basically, I already knew she was doing well, but it was nice to hear an objective person say the same thing. :-)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

When you're three, how do you ring in the new year?

1. Start the year with a clean house. First clean the kitchen.

2. Wash the dishes. The sink on my kitchen seems to be having some trouble - I'll borrow mama's sink.

3. Make a mess...oops - I meant "engage in sensory play while using mathematical measuring skills to increase cognitive functioning for the new year" (otherwise known as playing with a box full of oatmeal! ha!)

4. Celebrate by having a picnic in the living room floor...while watching Barbie's Princess Swan Lake movie (wearing a princess dress of course!)

Happy New Year everyone!!