Friday, March 16, 2007

Good News X 2 and prayers from Hannah

First good news: I received my CIS approval today. For those not familiar, that's my piece of paper from the US government (Citizenship and Immigration Services) approving me to bring a child into the US. It was the last piece of documentation I needed for my dossier. So, this next week I'll head to Columbiana to have everything certified through Shelby County, then re-certifitied in Montgomery, and then it'll be off to Houston to be authenticated at the Chinese Embassy before heading back to my agency to be sent to China. YEAH!!! It's getting close!

Second good news: I received word today of an anonymous gift to help with a part of my agency fees. God truly does provide - every step of the way!!

And just for your enjoyment, here's the bed time prayer Hannah said last night -it's in her words and just for your info - she doesn't use the word "for" but you can mentally insert it after "God Thank You..."

God, thank you Hannah!
God, thank you mommy!
God thank you...(big pause)...Hannah's room!
God thank you mommy's room!
God thank you (big pause while looking around the room) light!
God thank you shirt!
God thank you yamas (i.e. pajamas)!
God thank you potty!
(giggle, giggle)
God thank you poo poo!
God thank you school!
God thank you boon! (i.e. balloon)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just a Few Photos and Small Update

I like this picture I took this morning of Hannah on her bed.

Let's play a little Mozart..okay, grandpa?

Walking on grandma's treadmill!

Helping cook at grandma and grandpa's house!

Happy Birthday Noah! (the one next to Hannah)

As you can see, we've had some fun activities these last couple of weeks. We went to visit my parents in GA and as always, Hannah had a great time there. This weekend, we enjoyed our friend Noah's birthday party. Noah is 3 years old! He is such a cute, sweet, and fun little boy!! And his mother Angie totally ROCKS when it comes to throwing 3-year old birthday parties. Thanks for inviting us Angie - we had a great time!!

Hannah started speech at the University of Montevallo about a month ago and so far it is going very well. Between that, the speech she gets at school, and her overall determination to communicate (this girl has things to say!!), I am noticing such an improvement these days. And with her increased ability to make herself understood - I am getting some pretty funny comments from her. Here's a couple:

1. Hannah has been talking a lot about being from China recently. On the way to my parents a couple weeks ago, we stopped at Linn Park in Birmingham where they were having a Chinese New Year Festival. I told Hannah we were going to the park because they were celebrating Chinese New Year. She said "Hannah China!" I replied that yes, Hannah you are from China. I also told her that there would be other people from China at the park. She thought a minute and then replied " Mommy...NO China...No park!", did she think I was going to just open the door at let her out by herself?!! I informed her that even though I was not from China, I was allowed to go to the park!

2. Hannah loves McDonald's. She loves french fries, chicken nuggets, and sprite. When we're driving around, she often points out the McDonald's. But today, it took me a minute to realize what she was talking about when all of a sudden, she starts pointing and screaming 'mommy - look - E-I-E-I-O!!" Finally it hit me - she's been singing "Old McDondald Had a Farm" lately and she associated that with the restaurant McDonadl's!"

These are just a couple examples and I don't even know if they'll strike you as funny when you read them. If not, you'll just have to trust me that they were funny when they happened!! If you don't believe me, just ask Hannah and she'll tell you: "Hannah Funny!!".
I love her spirit!!

Finally, in adoption #2 news - things are going well. I have my fingerprint appointment for CIS on Tuesday. Everything else is already at CIS so I should hopefully be getting my CIS approval soon. For those who don't know - that's my immigration approval from Atlanta and it's the LAST piece of paper I need. I met with Karla this week to go over all my paperwork so it's ready to be certified and authenticated and sent to China when that approval comes. I'm feeling good about everything, but would still appreciate your prayers through this process.